Flour, feed and grain storage events are starting to be hosted once again and while organisers are being cautious in their planning, to ensure Covid risks are minimised, there is still growing concern that international travel might restrict participation. We saw this at IPPE in January in Atlanta, USA and GEAPS the Grain Elevator and Processing Society is also concerned that its international visitor numbers might well be down during its March 26-29, 2022 Kansas City event (see www.geapsexchange.com). However, the GEAPS program is one of inclusiveness offering a host of events for its attendees says Steve Records the Executive Director of the Society. He spoke to MAG publisher Roger Gilbert in the Rongorongo Video Live Studio about the impact of the pandemic on his industry sector and how it has responded by making more significant changes over the past two years than in the previous 92 years. He also spoke of the need for his organisation to become more international in its scope while being more inclusive within the the USA and North America as a whole. The later goal is being effected with the introduction of a membership benefits scheme between GEAPS and IAOM the International Association of Operative Millers by encouraging each others members to attend both events. Catch the interview with Steve Records here on Rongorongo Live!

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