In the Rongorongo Live Video Studio Milling and Grain publisher Roger Gilbert spoke to representatives from the company Cablevey about an unusual and first-time ever survey of conveyor systems being used in industry - and in particular those being used in food processing industries.
The 2022 "State of Conveying" study in the USA is based on 214 companies who use various types of conveyors in factory automation.
In the Studio discussing the results of the survey with Mr Gilbert are Ms Morgan Bailey-Burford and Scott Berning the Assistant Marketing Director and Processing Manager respectively at Cablevey Conveyors in Oskaloosa, USA. Cablevey is a manufacturer of conveyors used in grain processing. Its survey"s outcomes explore the numbers behind the survey and discusses the future developments in conveying. The study outlines a variety of challenges companies typically have in managing conveying systems, along with what actions they"re taking. The report can be downloaded here: :

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