It was a pleasure to have Dr Mahmoud Riad, the Secretary General of the Egyptian Milling Association - which represents both flour millers and feed millers within the country - join the Rongorongo Live Video Studio this month.
We connected via Zoom and it gave Milling and Grain the opportunity to ask him about the immediate future for the industry given the expected shortages and difficulties facing the wheat market internationally over the coming months and possibly years.
Dr Riad stated out by saying Egyptians love bread and mentioned the impressive per capita consumption and the number of bakeries providing bread; fascinating insight into a country where nominal GDP per capita estimated for 2022 is US$4176. It recorded GDP growth in 2021 of 3.3 percent.
He went on to outlined his government"s commitment to the people of Egypt in terms of maintaining its subsidies on bread supplied to over 80 million people within its population of 105 milling.
In March the Prime Minister, Moustafa Madbouly, set the price of commercially sold bread at 11.50 Egyptian pounds ($0.66) per kg, reported Reuters at the time. Reuters also stated the the new fixed prices for flat, round "balady bread" were set at 0.50, 0.75 and 1.00 Egyptian pounds for loaves weighing 45, 65 and 90 grams respectively. (US$1:EGP£18.86).
Dr Riad is confident the country can weather the disruption in wheat supplies over the coming months and seasons. He is now a regular contributor to Milling and Grain.

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