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As the deadline for entires into the GRAPAS Innovations Awards hits its deadline, Milling & Grain magazine are proud to say that we have a brilliant selection of participants for the awards, and more are still readily flooding in from all over the world!

Want to witness these innovations first-hand and choose for yourself the best in food technology and machinery? Then register to attend the GRAPAS Conference now! Register HERE.

The GRAPAS Conference is a one-day conference taking place at VICTAM International on June 13th, and specialises in a day of food technology innovation. Focussing on the future of flour, rice and pasta processing technology, the conference features a variety of speakers, as well as showcasing the entires from the GRAPAS Innovations Awards, and will conclude with our panel of international judges announcing the winner(s) of the GRAPAS Innovations Awards!

The conference is a must-attend yearly event for VICTAM and highlights the importance of innovative food technology, for a global population that is only continuing to grow rapidly.


GRAPAS Innovations Awards

At the GRAPAS Conference, attendees will get the chance to see each entry into the GRAPAS Innovations Awards present for 15 minutes on why their product is deserving of winning the coveted GRAPAS trophy.


12 entries into the awards are currently confirmed, including:


DINNISSEN- Pegasus Wingdoor Mixer







BUHLER- Novablue










BRUKS SIWERTELL - The Belt Conveyor


BUHLER- PreMa - Intelligent Plant Monitoring

BRABENDER- FarinoAdd-S300

BUHLERDiorit Roller Mill MDDY and MDDZ


More information is available HERE.

Register to attend the conference HERE.


For further information please contact:

Miss Rebecca Sherratt

7 St George's Terrace

St James' Square


Gloucestershire GL50 3PT

United Kingdom



Tel: +44 1242 267700

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