The 5th Annual Aqua Feed Extrusion Conference co-organized by VIV, International Aquafeed and Fish Farming Technology magazine and Dr Mian Riaz of Texas A&M University is once again taking place on March 10-11, 2021. The conference will be hosted as a LIVE online event over the course of two days.

This rendition of the conference will specialise in extrusion and the related equipment for aquatic feeds. The two-day conference will feature a variety of industry expert speakers delivering innovative presentations on how users can make the best use of their extrusion machinery and aqua feed systems.


10.03.2021 - 6.15
Dr Main Riaz
Texas A&M University, USA
How to Select an Extruder?

10.03.2021 - 6.45
Jonathan Iman 
Corperate Project Services, USA
Guide to Modern Aquatec Plant Design

10.03.2021 - 7.20
Phil Erikson
Reynold Engineering, USA
Pulversizing of Raw Material

10.03.2021 - 8.15
Hadrien Delemazure
Clextral France
Making floating and sinking feed with twin-screw extrusion technology

10.03.2021 - 8.50
Nicola Tallarico
Regional Director Kemin Aquascience EMENA
Optimization of Aqua Feed Quality

11.03.2021 - 6.15
Peter Sønderskov
Andritz Feed And Biofuel Denmark
Twin Screw Extruder

11.03.2021 - 6.50
Spencer Lawson
Wenger Manufacturing, USA
Evolution of Extrusion Technology

11.03.2021 - 7.25
James Laxton

Common Aquafeed Drying Challenges and Practical Solutions for Improved Efficiencies

11.03.2021 - 8.15
Dr Kabir Chowdhury
Jefo Nutrition Inc, Canada
Protease in Extruded Feed: Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions

There are few speaking slots still available. Interested companies can email to Dr Mian Riaz ( regarding the opportunity to speak at this conference. For sponsorship opportunities, companies can email Tuti Tan (

Visit the Conference page, HERE.

Register for the Conference, HERE.



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