Purifiers are responsible for the final quality of soft wheat, hard wheat and maize products. Bühler now presents the completely revised purifier Norit MQRH as the successor to the Puromat MQRF.

A new machine offering reliable, consistent purifying for all kinds of grains. The new purifier has a streamlined and well-thought out design while focusing on what's essential. The newly designed housing and inlet support a smooth product flow. All parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel or food safe synthetics to ensure process and product safety.

Rotary switches allow the air flow to be individually adjusted without tools. The new purifier Norit MQRH now stands on three rubber springs instead of four. This improves accessibility under the machine and thus cleaning and servicing. In addition, the three-point support reduces the tendency to drift. A display shows the status of the rubber springs and proactively indicates when it is time to exchange wear parts.

The purifier Norit is a considerably improved machine compared to Bühler's previous model, the Puromat, and meets the highest standards of sanitation as well as offers easier operating and servicing.


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