As the reality of AI, salmonella and other poultry diseases threaten our industry, bio-security is becoming more important than ever before. From primary breeders to the broiler farm, the threat of diseases is no longer an afterthought.

Primary breeders have always been on the forefront of bio-security. With locked doors and gates, electric fences and showering in/out, swabbing, blood testing…the list goes on, there is always someone thinking, 'what more can we do?'

Many of these biosecurity practices have trickled down to the broiler industry, including designated footwear for each house, to requiring anyone visiting the farm to sign both in and out.

But, again, what more can be done?

Companies, from primary breeders to the integrator level, have relied on bulk shavings, rice and peanut hulls along with various other materials, for their bedding. These materials are almost always a by-product and can be easily contaminated, since most are stored outside or under pole barns, giving wild birds and other vectors access.

Since 2001, Suncoast Pine Shavings has been providing the industry with the most bio-secure shavings produced. We use only locally grown, pure pine for our shavings. We never use by-products, such as wood waste or reclaimed wood. Our shavings are free from any contaminates and are additive free. Suncoast Pine Shavings' shavings are screened multiple times to ensure a low dust content, which helps reduce respiratory stress.

Our high heat process is superior to kiln drying, resulting in drier, more sanitary, more absorbent, and lighter shaving. Our shavings are never touched by a human hand, from the time logs are loaded into the processing equipment, to the time they reach your farm.

Our packaging process results in a highly compressed bale. This means fewer bales needed per install, and more shavings per bale, pallet and truckload. This saves you money per bale, labour cost and your best value per expanded cubic foot.

Suncoast quality control personnel check for quality, volume and moisture content every hour. Personnel use foot baths and hand sanitisers. Loading equipment and outbound trailers are sanitised before shipping.

Suncoast bagged shavings are perfect for the top dressing or for install, after clean out, in pullet and breeder houses, as well as broiler houses. These shavings may be installed by hand or by a turn-key operation.

Turn-key installation of our bio-secure shavings into your poultry houses, in a bio-secure manner, is a unique process in its own. Suncoast Pine Shavings has partnered with Agri-Bedding Group, LLC, a company that specialises in bio-secure shavings installation.

Depending on your bio-security requirements, shavings can be installed by blowing in or by spreading. Agri-Bedding Group, LLC, transports all required shavings to your farm, and the shavings are unloaded directly into the blower or spreader, ensuring your shavings never touch the ground, until they are inside your poultry house.

Suncoast Pine Shavings also specialises in providing a bio-secure enrichment environment for your birds. We believe in the five freedoms of animal welfare. We also provide all aspects of animal welfare assistance, including the GAP Initiative customer requirement, through our PAACO-certified Animal Welfare Auditor. We also have a certified PCQI on staff, to help with all your FSMA needs.

Not all shavings are the same, and Suncoast Pine Shavings' manufacturing process ensures our customers that we follow a strict biosecurity programme during every aspect of our manufacturing and distribution. Suncoast's pine shavings are 100 percent organic (OMRI-listed for organic use) and are packaged in recyclable poly-plastic film.

For your farms to be bio-secure it goes full circle and we are only as strong as our weakest link. If you want the best and most secure bio-shavings on the market, choose Suncoast!

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