The EU recently authorised yellow mealworm and crickets in human consumption for Protix, an insect producer, in order to ensure greater sustainability in farming and diets. This will aid the growth of the insect sector and aims to meet the demands of a growing global population despite diminishing resources. Following the authorisation for grasshoppers in November, this marks the second and third authorisation after Fair Insects, a Protix company, submitted an application.

'Protix is pioneering the insects for feed and food markets through innovative breeding, production and processing technologies and has laid the basis for this new industry to thrive through regulatory changes and commercial introductions,' said Protix in a press release dated the 9th December, 2021.

CEO and Founder Kees Aarts said, 'Being a pioneer in the insect industry means you must lead the way, also in regulatory aspects. Submitting the novel food dossiers was a logical and necessary move. The approved novel food application allows us to commercialise insects in Europe and to develop low footprint foods for the conscious consumer. We won't stop here and are already preparing new dossiers such as the black soldier fly. The experience we built with the first dossiers is invaluable when it comes to high-quality analyses and filing. We are being rewarded for the quality of the dossiers by the interest in collaboration, of which the license with M-Food natural ingredients is a first.'

Protix is an insect producer currently breeding larvae from the black soldier fly. Organic waste from the food industry is feed for the insects, which are then turned into ingredients such as protein and lipids. Its existing products range from ingredients for pets, piglets, fish, chicken, and food and snacks for humans.

Protix recently signed a license agreement with M-Food natural ingredients to produce insects for food applications. The insects are processed into frozen and dried formulations that can be used in a variety foods such as cereal bars, meat products, dried pasta, and so on.

The UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation has identified insects as a nutritious and healthy food source, part of the EU's new farm strategy as an alternative protein source with the potential to facilitate a shift towards more sustainable food. Its low environmental impact and high nutritional value provides the opportunity to develop nutritious food with a low footprint.

For more information on Protix click, HERE.

Image credit: CC by 2.0

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