The 16th edition of the ICC Cereal and Bread Congress (ICBC2020) taking place 15-17th April in Christchurch, New Zealand will present a versatile and multidisciplinary programme featuring plenary sessions embracing the challenges and opportunities facing the cereal science community. Poster displays and competitions as well as a networking dinner for all our contributors to develop long lasting collaborations throughout the world will complement ICBC2020.

Selection of the talks are:
• "Our daily bread: an exciting and socially relevant research object"
• "Delivering health benefits with bakery products"
• "Flexibility and transparency, the new challenges for wholesale bakeries"
• "Why do so many consumers purchase ´gluten-free` products?"
• "The balance between oven rise and structure setting in pound cake making"
• "Whole grain food definitions - are we reaching a consensus?
• "Bread dough rheology - measuring it to control the end product quality"
• "Transgenic wheat with elevated endosperm triglyceride lipid - effects on grain composition and baking"
• "Noodle quality - a molecular approach"

Milling and Grain are proud to be acting as media partners for what is sure to be an exciting and informative event.

View the speakers and download the program, HERE.

Regular online registration is still open, take the chance to interact and strengthen your network by signing up, HERE.

Visit the ICBC2020 website, HERE.


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