Yusuke Sato was born as the eldest son of a family operated sake brewery in Akita Prefecture, Japan, that had been in operation since 1852. He left his hometown without ever setting foot in the brewery, and even after graduating from Tokyo University, he lived a life unrelated to sake as a journalist. 

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Then one day, he had a fateful encounter with a bottle of sake. 'I had a chance to drink sake by Isojiman Premium-Sake Brewing Co, Ltd from Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, on the recommendation of a senior colleague. I was so impressed by its taste that my previous notion of sake as a smelly and easy-to-get-drunk drink was completely overturned. 

Completely fascinated by the sake, Sato became a collector of sake, and as a journalist, he thoroughly studied the sake brewing process in order to appeal to the public about the depth and the taste of sake. He learned that sake is more of an art than he had imagined, and that it is a traditional industry that must be passed on to future generations. 

However, when he saw the reality that sake breweries across the country were going out of business one after another due to the declining trend in sake consumption, he was shaken by the thought of what would happen to this irreplaceable traditional industry that had been handed down for 1500 years. 

The man who had never set foot in a sake brewery before, gradually decided to dedicate himself to sake not as a journalist but as a brewer...

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Contributed by: by Nao Ohashi, Public Relations Department, Satake Corporation, Japan


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