The automation solution Pluto PCS (Process Control System) is specifically designed for the requirements of small to medium size mills. It focuses on making process automation straightforward, intuitive and affordable.

The process control system Pluto PCS is based on future-proof web technology. It is adaptive and usable on any device. All essential controls and settings are displayed on one screen, which provides also a complete plant-overview. The key advantage of Pluto PCS lies in its flexibility and scalability. Adapting the production process with new equipment and subsequently the control system is straightforward and simple. Selected modifications can be done remotely or even by a customer automation specialist. Reliability is increased with robust hardware from leading brands. They are designed for rugged environments avoiding damages e.g. from power-failure. A built-in simulation mode offers a safe environment for training and can even be used before start-up of the plant. Thus, training efforts are minimised and full production is achieved in no time after start-up.

Pluto PCS is able to calculate a milling yield based on the information transmitted by the scales (in/out). This helps to control the production and minimise unaccounted losses. Yield data over a defined period of time or specific signal or sensor data can be visualised.

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