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Statec Binder continuously manages to successfully apply its expertise as a bagging and palletising specialist of bulk materials on a global scale. With its flexible and customer-oriented packaging technology, the Austrian company is represented on the international market, placing itself among the leading suppliers of high-performance open-mouth bagging machines. The wide-ranging product portfolio offers customised solutions of the highest quality for products used in a variety of industries.

Statec Binder packaging machines pack a wide range of animal feed and food products on a daily basis. Whether flour, rice or animal feed and additives, the bagging and palletising expert offers the right system, fully automatic or manual, to meet high standards and requirements of customers. Numerous references in these industries speak for themselves – Statec Binder stands as a strong and reliable partner and can draw on years of experience and in-depth knowledge.

Included in the broad product portfolio, the packaging system CIRCUPAC is installed in the global food sector. The high-performance bagging carousel is particularly developed for flour and powdery products. The special feature of the packaging machine is the continuously rotating carousel, which allows the entire process to be carried out without a start-stop system to achieve a maximum output. In 2018, one of the world's largest flour producers gave Statec Binder the chance to prove the high- performance capacity of the CIRCUPAC bagging system.

In moving from semi-automatic bagging systems to fully automatic lines, several manufacturers were in the closer selection as potential partners for the project. The customer's requirements of 1200 demanded bags-per-hour, each bag containing 25kg flour, proved to be quite challenging for many manufacturers. With the prioritised aim of increasing the previous output significantly, the flour producer finally made the right decision. Statec Binder was able to win the bidding process, especially the high machine performance and provided accuracy in weighing and dosing were decisive factors. Additionally, the technical implementation and the project setup encouraged the company to place its trust in the Austrian specialist. Three fully automatic CIRCUPAC bagging carousels and three high-performance PRINCIPAL-R robot palletisers were ordered. Additionally, quality control equipment such as checkweighers and metal detectors were supplied.

As part of the packaging line, a long conveyor system was installed to guarantee a smooth transition from the bagging to the palletising process. A special feature of this system is the bag detection equipment, which can identify the category of the bag according to the bag's imprint, to convey it to the corresponding robot palletiser. The customer further attached great importance to a clean layer pattern, which is easily achieved with the PRINCIPAL-R. Moreover, via a control system, the customer can always monitor the machines' performance, productivity, and efficiency.

After the installation of the packaging lines, on-site acceptance tests were successfully carried out over six shifts. The products to be filled were used to test each machine on two separate shifts, with one lasting over six hours. As the customer paid particular attention to the overall achieved output capacity, the filled bags on the finished pallets were counted as part of the acceptance test. Throughout the single phases of the project, a cooperative partnership could always be remained. Wolfgang Kober, Division Manager Project Management at Statec Binder, explains his experience with the customer, "We had a common goal in mind, namely the successful completion of the project and consequently to enable perfectly running production processes. This and the constant exchange of information with the customer's team significantly contributed to the accomplishment of all project objectives."

Knowing that the same customer, one of the most renowned flour producers worldwide, is placing its trust in Statec Binder competencies again with another project, proves the quality of the offered technology and the company's knowhow. The placed order is currently in the final phase of assembly, and after a successful acceptance test, the packaging equipment will soon be shipped to the customer.

In addition to the CIRCUPAC and the Principal-R, also other Statec Binder bagging and palletising solutions can be ideally used in the food sector, but also for the packaging of animal feed and pet food. Depending on the specific product requirements and the desired output, Statec Binder offers three open-mouth bagging machines to choose from: the PRINCIPAC and the CERTOPAC, both high-performance packaging machines, and the ACROPAC. Previously installed bagging machines of the series are successfully used worldwide for the packaging of food and feed products.

The fully automatic high-performance bagging machine CERTOPAC can pack any type of free-flowing bulk material in pillow bags and gusset bags with a filling weight between 5kg and 80kg at incredibly high speed. In addition to the 'standard version', the packaging machine is also available as CERTOPAC-S and CERTOPAC-L. The differences between the versions are the bag magazines (rotating bag magazine or push magazine), the different filling weights and sizes of the bags. Particularly the CERTOPAC-S, abbreviated for CERTOPAC-SMALL, has been a great success for Statec Binder in recent years.

The machine was developed especially for the packaging of maize meal in the South African market, which has always been an important source of food for the South African population. In the past, the dusty product was packaged in large paper bags with a filling weight of up to 80kg. However, the packaging requirements for maize meal, including bag sizes and used materials, have changed considerably. As a result, the bagging of the product in large bags, which used to be quite common, was no longer preferred by the purchasing population. In addition, paper as the used bag material became more and more of a problem because producers had to deal with many complaints and returns, as the material often broke during transport.

'As a company, we reacted with the development of the CERTOPAC-S. With the technical features of this machine, we were able to perfectly address these trends in South Africa at the right time," says Josef Lorger, Managing Director at Statec Binder. The CERTOPAC-S uses polypropylene (PP) as a bag material to ensure sufficient resistance, and at the same time packs maize meal in small bag sizes, usually with a filling weight of only 5kg. Statec Binder was, thus, the first manufacturer on the South African market to develop a product especially for maize meal.

"Thanks to our rapid response to market requirements, Statec Binder has achieved a great deal of recognition in all of South Africa with our machine. We are now the key supplier for this industry with an extremely high market share of 85 percent for automatic packaging with PP bags," says Josef Lorger. The potential for the CERTOPAC-S is great, since maize meal is an important product not only in South Africa, but on the entire African continent. The demand is expected to remain high in the future. Only in a recently completed project, a maize meal producer was supplied with four packaging machines, and due to the high level of satisfaction, a follow-up order for a further CERTOPAC-S packaging machine has already been placed.

However, Statec Binder has more highly efficient packaging solutions to offer. Standing as the most efficient machine out of the broad product portfolio of Statec Binder, the PRINCIPAC is a packaging system prepared for a wide range of applications. As an ideal system for those who want to make the move from manual or semi-automatic packaging to fully automatic packaging or require rather low capacity, Statec Binder offers the product Acropac. Moreover, also Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) packaging solutions are offered for these industries. The FFS machine SYSTEM-T is particularly suitable for the fast packaging of bulk materials and can fabricate pillow bags and gusset bags with a filling weight between 5kg and 50kg. On the other hand, the SYSTEM-F, a fully automatic vertical FFS machine allows easy and quick adjustability and only requires little space.

Statec Binder further ensures precise weighing and dosing in product feeding by equipping bagging machines with high-performance net weighers. Moreover, the company ensures a secure and precise bag closure through Statec Binder bag closing systems. For instance, the patented bag closing system 'Over Tape Bag Sealer' is especially suitable for PP bags. The hot air of the machine, which is produced by a heating unit, seals the bags airtight and makes sure that they are completely odourless.

The packaging process of animal feed and food products is optimally complemented by fully automatic high-performance palletising systems. Besides the robotic palletising solution PRINCIPAL-R, customers can choose from high-level and portal palletisers.

Thanks to proven technology as well as continuous developments and optimisations, the company serves as an internationally recognised partner to many. Expert consulting services, a high level of service competence and support for any concern provide additional reasons for this. The fullest satisfaction of customers has always the highest priority.

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