As the Spring 2021 edition of the Online Milling School passes number nine of the 12 session educational program, the organisers and candidates alike continue to enjoy the benefits of its building momentum.

Broadcast this week, the ninth session of this edition of the Online Milling School sees agriculture consultant and poultry nutritionist Jon Ratcliff joined by Dr Roland Aumüller, who himself has nearly four decades of experience as a specialist veterinary surgeon in the field of livestock production, to discuss the topic of quality assurance and quality control.

In this session, the two hours of teaching time is divided three ways, with the featured talks comprising of two addresses by Mr Ratcliff titled "Requirements & Sampling" and "In Process Quality Control," sandwiching Dr Aumüller's talk on 'Compound Feed Manufacturing Standard of GLOBALG.A.P' 

Organised and delivered with the levels of precision and capability that we have grown to expect from Progressus Agrischools and Milling & Grain magazine, each session is broadcast twice.

The first of the two transmissions is scheduled specifically for the audience in Europe and Asia, with candidates able to join the Wednesday session at 14:00 Bangkok Time/09:00 CET Time.

The Thursday session, which is timed specifically for candidates from the US and Latin America, can be joined at 10:00 Chicago Time/13:00 Buenos Aires Time.

If you are reading this and you are concerned that the course has already started, then worry not! 

All 12 episodes will be available to re-watch on demand for two weeks following the completion of the course. When finished, all candidates who have either watched or attended all 12 session will be awarded an industry accredited certificate, and a new piece of information to add to their CV.

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