by Yiannis Christodoulou, Founder and Managing Director of Athene Consulting Co., Ltd and Progressus

What an initiative! What a response!

We are extremely pleased that the collaboration between Progressus and Milling and Grain magazine has been proven to be a great success, one that has been very well received and fully embraced by the feed milling industry worldwide.

Through the years, Progressus has made it the company's mission to deliver quality, unbiased and practical information to the livestock and aquaculture industry through its AgriSchools training workshops, which have been running for over seven years as physical events in Thailand.

Necessity many times is the mother of innovation and this is very much true for the situation we are all in right now. At Progressus, and in order to continue our effort of supporting our industry's needs for people development and upskill, we have partnered with Milling and Grain magazine in order to take these important training modules online under the umbrella of the Online Milling School. This not only allow us to continue to support the needs of the industry and its professionals but, more importantly, has created the means for extending the reach of training programmes from being primarily accessible to the Asian feed milling community to becoming available to the wider world.

The proof is in the result. As we are nearing the end of the first delivery of the 12 modules of our Online Milling School, which ran from July 15th to September 30th, 2020, we would like to thank the companies and professionals that have been part of the programme. Based on the extremely encouraging and positive feedback that keeps coming in from milling professionals from around the world and, specifically, from many European and Asian countries such as the Philippines, Bangladesh and Indonesia, we see and hear that we have been delivering valuable, practical and not easily found information which greatly helps their daily operations and the milling industry overall.

Thanks to the support of the feed milling community and the support we received from the early adopters who chose to stand alongside us, and to support us as valuable sponsors, particularly companies such as Yemtar, Amandus Kahl, Agentis Innovations, Premier Tech, Doctor's Agro-vet Ltd, Biovet and Zoetis, we are in a very strong position and pleased to say that our commitment to the initiative has grown to the next level. We are now working not only on expanding the current online livestock milling training offerings we have in place, but also to build new training tools and modules to further support the development of our industry professionals and the industry as a whole.

Some things that are coming up include our on-demand view of the previous sessions we have delivered, re-podcasting of the Livestock Feed Mill series in different time zones that cover the United States and Latin America, and new online schools that will cover aqua feed milling and flour milling.

Thank you all for the support. Together we can truly make a difference to the development of our industry. See you during our next sessions!

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