December 2018

by Sven-Olof Malmqvist


Next week I am going to the biannual exhibition, Eurotier. It attracts people from all over the world and if you need to find out what is going on in the agricultural sector and animal farming, you better pay a visit!

There are at least 20 big halls with a numerous number of exhibitors. Here you can see the latest in feed production, animal breeding, machinery, tractors, biogas production to only mention a few items.

I will take the opportunity to meet with old and potential new business partners. My schedule is fully booked, but I will also just stroll along in the different halls and see what is going on within the industry.

I have just been to a local exhibition in Sweden last Friday, which was interesting as well, in particular when looking at the new tractor models. Farming is so computerised nowadays, so if you try to jump in to start a tractor you will probably fail in that attempt! Most of the models sadly wouldn"t fit in my shed at all, due their colossal sizes.

Talking about sizes, the absolute biggest stands at the Eurotier would be the milling and grain handling equipment"s from various countries. For me, it is fascinating that they do the effort to build those big ones for just four days of being on show to the public.

It is quite interesting to walk around the show the evening before opening and see all the activities and wonder if they all will be finished before opening.

When you read this column, the show will be over and I hope that I can return with a review and share some thoughts about its content!

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