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Makprom (a company affiliated with CI Group, through a joint venture in equal shares between Colussi Group and InfoLink Group) has once again tasked Ocrim to build their durum wheat semolina milling plant, with a capacity of 400 T/24h. Ocrim was assigned with building the first mill for Makprom eight years ago.

The new milling plant will have the same characteristics as the previous one. Andrey Gurov, CEO of Makprom, said, "Considering the results obtained thanks to the first milling plant, we have decided to choose Ocrim again and ask for a 'twin' plant in all respects. The existing plant has always guaranteed us an excellent final product and therefore we have had no doubt. Ocrim is a guarantee for us as much as we are for our customers".

In fact, all the machines of the new plant are designed and set up exactly like those in the existing milling plant, precisely to produce very high quality semolina.

The CEO of Ocrim, Alberto Antolini said, "It is always necessary to listen carefully to the requests and needs of the client. Ocrim is proud to have been chosen again by a customer who is considered one of the best pasta producers in Russia. We have a lot in common with Makprom and we are sure that this already consolidated relationship can only lead to other important projects".

Visit the Ocrim website, HERE.


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