Ocrim's sieves line presents a revolutionary new advancement in terms of materials, efficiency, technology and sanitation. The SVI thermoplastic sieves offer excellent mechanical and humidity resistance, produced from odourless and non-toxic materials.

The SVI sieves are constructed from unique, antibacterial material. This antimicrobial ingredient, both on the surface of the sieves and incorporated in the material, offers many advantages. The solution blocks the formation and the development of moulds and bacterial in plansifters; remains present and active for the whole life of the sieves and avoids the risk of cross-contamination between different batches of cereals, without altering the flour characteristics while maintaining a high-quality standard.

The new aluminium frame offers a larger sieving surface compared to previous sieve models. The new profile has an undulated surface along the entire upper level. This optimises the gluing process of the seals and, at the same time, achieves a larger gluing surface to that produced in the past.

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