Italian machinery powerhouse Ocrim have recently announced their application into the GRAPAS Innovations Awards, their coveted titanium rolls. This makes a total of 15 entries into the GRAPAS Innovations Awards, which will all present on why their products are deserving to be crowned the winners of these awards at the GRAPAS Conference.

 Ocrim's latest innovative grinding rollers incorporate a wide variety of benefits for the end user. For this market request, the solution presented by Ocrim involved including titanium-coated rollers for the fluted passages in the grinding process, ensuring a much longer life of the rollers currently used by the entire milling industry.

Ocrim's Area Manager, Luigi Caterina, will be speaking at the GRAPAS Conference about why this product deserves to win the GRAPAS Innovations Awards.

The GRAPAS Conference is a brilliant chance for attendees to discover more about the best and newest innovations in food processing technology. Speakers from companies such as Balaguer Rolls, Petkus, Eye-Grain, Brabender, Bühler, Dinnissen and Selis will be presenting on why their products deserve to win the GRAPAS Innovations Awards.

Time is running out to register for the conference, so secure your place now!

Tickets cost 99 euros and entitle attendees to full access to the conference, as well as a headset and one-year's free subscription to Milling and Grain magazine.

The tentative programme is as follows:

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