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On September 15th, Alberto Antolini, Ocrim CEO, and the Ocrim staff flew to Paris to meet Mansour Ben Haif Al-Kahtani, CEO of Haif Company, to sign a new agreement that will see them together in the realisation of a new important project on behalf of SAGO (Saudi Grains Organisation).

Dhiba Grain Silos (DHGS) Project – this is the name of the project - will be the new 120,000-ton concrete grain storage silo to be built in the Saudi city. Ocrim has been entrusted with all the electromechanical and automation parts. In fact, Dhiba's future silo foresees and requires a highly sophisticated level of management to which Ocrim is ready to respond through its innovative solutions, as it has always done.

That of Ocrim and Haif Company is a historic alliance based on trust and esteem. Only two years ago - in another article - was the construction of the Yanbu silo, successfully tested in March of this year and inaugurated, in the presence of the Saudi institutional authorities, last September 5.

Other well-known and constructive experiences testify to the dynamic collaboration of the two companies. Different experiences, which saw both one and the other as main contractor, based on the type of project. This time - as for the Yanbu silo - it has been Haif Company (main contractor) who has confirmed Ocrim's support for this challenge that provides experience, technological expertise and reliability.

For more information visit the Ocrim website, HERE.
For information about Haif Company visit their website, HERE.


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