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North American Millers' Association (NAMA) has been actively monitoring the growing spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) both internationally and domestically, and the impacts it will have on consumers and the food supply industry.

In a recent press statement, they expressed that the US food supply and supply chain, including the flour milling industry, is very strong, and grain-millers will continue to work to supply retail customers and consumers.

The US Department of Homeland Security has defined the food supply as one of the nation's critical infrastructure sectors, and NAMA members, along with other food companies, and in collaboration with the White House Coronavirus Task Force, are working to ensure a consistent and reliable flow of safe, nutritious and affordable food, such as flour, to food manufacturers and retail locations throughout the country.

'Flour and other grain-based foods are staples, and are essential, nutritious parts of the American diet,' said James McCarthy, President & CEO, 'and millers are taking a comprehensive approach to ensure the consistent delivery of safe, nutritious and affordable flour and flour-based food products to consumers in the US and throughout North America. The milling industry has faced emergencies and natural disasters before, and the milling industry will continue serving our communities each and every day.'

Even during this pandemic, US food system continues to adhere to the highest food safety and regulatory standards, which includes high levels of sanitation, food safety testing and monitoring in food processing and handling environments.

According to multiple public health agencies around the world, including the CDC, FDA, WHO and EFSA, coronaviruses are primarily spread from person-to-person, NOT via food. NAMA continues to work closely with food safety experts, public health officials, the White House Coronavirus Task Force and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure the food production system remains safe and consistent.

NAMA holds the health and safety of their member company's employees as a top priority. Because of the nature of duties performed, most milling production workers do not work in continuous close proximity to one another.

The milling industry is following CDC government guidance and taking additional steps to maximise the health and safety or our employees, including: employing social distancing procedures where applicable, providing additional health screening of employees, using additional safety gear and products, including masks, respirators and sanitisers, and increasing in the frequency of cleaning, deep cleaning and the use of anti-viral cleansers.

For more information visit the NAMA website, HERE.

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