Bühler's huller MHSA enables a precise and efficient hulling process. With more than 500 installations, the machine has established itself excellently in the market. Since May 2020 a new version of the huller is available.

The proven MHSA has been upgraded with mechanical and electronic components of the latest generation. The revised lifting device ensures a homogeneous impact distribution over the entire ring. In addition, an integrated product sensor in the outlet detects product accumulations at an early stage. Both features ensure maximum operating time. The machine concept has become even more flexible with two control variants; integrated in the machine including control panel or in the central control cabinet. The combination of low-maintenance parts, a lifting device with a fourfold increased load capacity, easy machine access and automatic lubrication reduces maintenance to a minimum.

The hulling degree in the processing of oat, spelt, soya and sunflower seeds remains at the usual high level - with minimum breakage. In addition, the huller MHSA is characterised by low energy consumption.

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