Milli-Temp 4-20 mA Bearing Temperature Sensor
Image credit: 4B Components Ltd.

4B Components Ltd. has developed a new loop powered analog sensor with a 4-20 mA linear output that is scaled across a temperature range for continuous temperature monitoring. The Milli-Temp series can be used on any application where bearing temperature monitoring is needed.

The sensor has been designed to allow the depth of the probe to be adjustable depending on the application. This adjustability allows the tip of the probe to be placed in the optimal position for monitoring bearing temperature and also enables verification using the 4B ADB Tester.

The sensor screws directly into the bearing housing using the threads of the existing grease zerk. The body of the Milli-Temp has an integrated zerk, allowing lubrication of the bearing without the need to remove the sensor.

'This new and elegant design provides a 4-20 mA output directly from the sensor, eliminating the need for an external transmitter' says 4B Vice President of Electronics, Brian Knapp.

The sensors are supplied with a nine foot cable. The connections are not polarity sensitive therefore special connection requirements are eliminated, and the cable can be extended in the field.

Product Highlights
- One Body Design
- Rated to -40 Degrees
- Small Probe Diameter Allows Easy Grease Flow
- Probe lengths 2', 3', 4' to 16' (2' increments)
- Class II Div. 1 approved (USA & Canada)

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