Myande fund the Myande Hope Primary School
Image credit: Myande

Myande Group is a Chinese based leading provider of equipment and engineering services for the oils and fats, starch and derivatives, meal fermentation and evaporation, and crystallisation industries.

Myande has signed a contract with the Youth Development Foundation to fund the establishment of 'Myande Hope Primary School'. Over the past 10 years, Myande Scholarship Foundation has provided scholarships and bursaries for children with excellent academic performance and poor families every year. So far, more than 500 children have been funded by Myande.

Myande stated, 'We will continue to move forward full of positive energy, unite the love and goodwill of all Myande team, plug the wings of dreams for children in need, and bring hope to them for a better future.'

Visit the Myande Group website, HERE.


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