by Roger Gilbert, Publisher, Milling and Grain


With the first 'World Flour Day' occurring this month it's timely for us - the milling industry's oldest continually published magazine - to announce our intention, along with support from the UK's Mills Archive Trust, to establish the worldwide milling industry's 'Milling Hall of Fame'.

Millers of all persuasions and from all cultures have done much to provide the flour our global population and our domesticated animals have come to rely upon to feed themselves.

Millers are the fulcrum when it comes to turning grains and other harvested crops into useable flours and pelleted products that are in turn used to produce desirable foodstuffs and feed rations for communities all around the world.

On 'World Flour Day' (March 20th each year from now on) it is timely to begin honouring those individuals who have made significant contributions, both modern and historic, to the production of flours and feed. We propose to recognise those individuals - and more recently companies - who have made significant contributions to the development of milling from its rudimentary mills driven by water and wind power, to the modern, sustainable and energy-efficient mega structures common today.

Remember, today the largest milling company on the planet produces 42,000 tonnes of flour per day and the single largest production site processes just over 11,500 tonnes of wheat per day!

Milling is forever improving its product safety record and its efficiency in order to provide more and more food for more and more people and animals that is affordable while addressing nutritional and environmental demands.

Milling and Grain has been joined by the Mills Archive Trust in the UK, which will accommodate the 'Milling Hall of Fame' to support the Hall.

However, the evaluation of those to be inducted into the 'Milling Hall of Fame' will be carried out by an independent committee based on submissions and applications received from across the industry. There is an application process to be completed which will require sufficient detail for the committee to make a recommendation to induct into the Hall at least one individual per year from each milling sector. Consideration will be given to applications that identify a 'point-in-time' that changed our industry, the person responsible and the details of his/her contribution plus information on the company worked for at that time.

There must be an unlimited number of potential recipients that should be honoured in this way. If you or your company has a leader or individual who has made a contribution of great significance to the betterment of milling, then please consider making an application (which will be available from our website shortly). The 'Milling Hall of Fame' should represent your industry's heroes and not just be the choices or views of one or two people. Therefore, only applications submitted by milling-related companies or by millers themselves will be considered.

Milling and Grain will be proud to announce the first inductee into the Milling Hall of Fame at the GRAPAS Award ceremony in Bangkok on March 24, 2020.

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