The Milling & Grain team are already set to have a very busy and exciting week at VICTAM International this June, as we are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the Animal Feed & Nutrition Awards, as well as the GRAPAS Innovations Awards at the GRAPAS Conference.


Both awards ceremonies will be held by Milling & Grain and the awards will be distributed to the most innovative technologies for their individual sectors.


Animal Feed & Nutrition Awards

The Animal Feed & Nutrition Awards are awarded to the most economincal, innovative and revered equipment/ingredient/additive/process or service in the feed industry. Applicants will be judged and awarded their trophies and/or certificates at the awards ceremony at VICTAM International.

Confirmed entries so far have already been processed from Bühler, Geelen Counterflow and Van Aarsen.

To participate in this competition, the innovation, process or service has to comply with the following rules:

  1. The product must have been introduced to the market after January 1, 2018
  2. The product must be new
  3. The product must make a significant contribution to the manufacture of animal feed in terms of innovation, efficiency, profitability, safety or sustainability;
  4. You have to be an exhibitor at VICTAM International 2019
  5. A representative of the nominated companies must be available to receive the award at VICTAM International 2019 (June 12 – 14, 2019 in Cologne)

Applications are still open for the Animal Feed & Nutrition Awards for two more days, so get in touch now to secure your place!

You can apply by filling out the form under the heading 'Innovation Awards' in the exhibitor manual: 


GRAPAS Innovations Awards and Conference

As many Milling & Grain readers may already know, the GRAPAS Innovations Awards and Conference are taking place on June 13th at VICTAM International. This yearly awards ceremony is availble for the most innovative processes/machinery/services for the flour, rice and pasta industries.

Applications for the GRAPAS Innovations Awards are now closed, and we have a total of 14 comfirmed entries from a variety of international companies that create premium solutions for food technology, such as Brabender, Bühler, Selis, Dinnissen, Petkus, iGrain and many more.

All these innovations will be presented at the GRAPAS Conference, a one-day conference on June 13th. Each application will have a 15-minute slot to present itself as the best innovation for food machinery, and speakers will have the chance to discuss why their product is deserving of winning the coveted GRAPAS trophy.

Also speaking at the conference will be Marie Haga, Executive Director of the Crop Trust and Mr George Marriage, President of nabim.

Tickets to attend the conference are 99€.

You can purchase entry tickets by registering for VICTAM for free online, and then selecting GRAPAS Conference in the conference list.


For further enquiries, please contact:

Rebecca Sherratt

Features Editor

Milling & Grain magazine

Perendale Publishers 



Tel: +44 21242 267700

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