by SelcukAtaseven, CEO, ASG Group


Grains have been the most important source of food throughout human history. A significant portion of the energy we require on a daily basis is provided by cereal-based foods. In many regions of the world, wheat and corn are most commonly used. Therefore, the processing of these grains has made milling an important area of industry. Throughout human history we

have developed and used various tools to enable the milling
of grains. What started as a small enterprise has evolved and grown in to an intensive industrial activity.
We have come a long way since the days of water and wind mills. During the 1970s large facilities had a capacity of 30-40 tons per day. By 1990 that figure had grown to 120-150 tons. These days there are even some facilities that can process up to 1500 tons.

One of the most important actors in this sector, DeğirmenMakina, has a dynamic structure in the milling machinery sector which can move with new developments in technology to continuously renew the machines it produces.

We are now producing factories equipped with automation systems that eliminate human error from production with Industry 4.0 solutions, part of a digital revolution that has taken place in the industry.

All the raw material inputs, finished materials, wastes and laboratory results of the factory are checked and recorded by software. Machine performance and malfunctions can also be recorded and analysed.

At DeğirmenMakina, we are not satisfied with just refining our machines and ensuring that they can carry out multiple functions. We are also looking to further and better our company in any way we can.

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