These opening months of 2021 are proving extremely busy despite the 'stay-at-home' order that Covid-19 conditions has forced upon many of us - and which most of us are reluctant but happy to comply with.

Why so busy? We have a number of virtual events taking place with the most impressive being the US IPPE poultry-meat-feed expo that is held as a physical event in late January each year in Atlanta, followed by the One Virtual Experience Conference by Alltech which is also a virtual event after very successful live event and most recently DLG's EuroTier Digital 2021, a new event that attracted over 40,000 online visitors in early February with almost half attending from outside Germany.

That's not to mention what is coming up in March - with World Flour Day; the second inductee into the Milling Hall of Fame; the hosting of our own Aquafeed Extrusion Conference and our partnership in a new Online Milling School Course that offers an affordable 12-week course for those wanting to learn the processes in aquaculture feed production. Other digital events abound!

But it's the World Flour Day that is taking my attention. What are millers planning to do on World Flour Day? What are others planning for millers?

The first thing we should all be prepared to announce is our support for the concept of World Flour Day. To tell our customers and suppliers about the importance this day has in the annual calendar and how the industry goes about providing an essential staple foodstuff.

Next, we should identify what we can do individually to show our support for millers. On March 20 we should show our appreciation - a card a cake, a gift and/or an acknowledgement - to those working in the complete flour food chain that produces our daily bread every day - from breeders and merchants, to farmers, transporters, storemen, to millers, to retailers, to bakers! Let's say thank you in a big way on the day. Let me know what you do and I'll report it in our pages in April!

These celebrations bring me to my final sobering point. Why aren't we more able as an industry to assist in providing mothers-to-be (and the first 1000 days of a child's life) globally with fortified flours to minimise health and wellbeing issues? I'm please to say we are making a start to address this topic from this edition and we will find out what more can be done to minimise vitamin and mineral deficiencies through the fortification of flour and other milled foodstuffs.

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