Specialist engineering firm McArthur Agriculture has announced that it will be acquiring grain handling solutions provider BDC Systems Ltd in a deal that is due to be completed very soon. Both companies will be operating as independent business with BDC Systems' Andrew Head and Andrew Lee remaining as directors: a sales director and a technical director.

In explaining why both companies will be operating independently, John McArthur, MD of McArthur Agriculture, says it ensures they will "meet the needs" of farmers throughout the UK and Ireland:

"This acquisition ensures that two leading players within the post-harvest sector will continue to provide a range of valuable and proven grain drying, storage and processing solutions, that meet the needs of farming enterprises, of all sizes, and commercial grain operators throughout the UK and Ireland."

"BDC's position as sole agents, UK and Ireland, for Skandia Elevator AB and Svegma remains in place," Andrew Head explains. "Our dealers will continue to offer their customers market leading manufacturers' grain handling solutions and will have the opportunity, going forward, to access a wider range of equipment, enhancing their product portfolio."

BDC Systems will continue to operate from its Wiltshire base, benefiting its dealers and customers with a well-stocked warehouse and ensuring equipment down-time is kept to a minimum.

The acquisition is part of McArthur Agriculture's plan to extend the range of grain drying, storage and processing products sourced from leading manufacturers. 

Andrew Head says of the acquisition that it is "timely," as they looked to how they could guarantee BDC Systems' good service to their dealers and customers.

"Andrew Lee and I are confident that McArthur Agriculture who we know well, having been a BDC dealer for over twelve years, will take the company to the next phase of its growth following the acquisition. It will be 'business as usual' for our suppliers, our dealers, their customers and our staff, well into the future," Andrew Head concludes.

For more information on McArthur Agriculture visit their website, HERE.

For more information on BDC Systems Ltd visit their website, HERE.

Image credit: McArthur Agriculture

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