Marie Haga, Executive Director of the Crop Trust, is confirmed to be speaking at the GRAPAS Conference at Victam International 2019.


Marie is a former diplomat and Norwegian politician. She joined the Crop Trust in 2013, setting a US $ 850 million target for the organization's endowment fund. This would be enough to support conservation of the world's most important crops for food and agriculture in genebanks, forever.

The Crop Trust is an international organisation, dedicated to the preservation of our crops for future generations to come. Their Svalbard Global Seed Vault preserves the largest collection of crops, safe from any natural or man-made disasters.


Marie's talk title is 'With so much rice and wheat in the world, why do we need to conserve them?'



Her talk abstract is as follows:

There are 160,000 kinds of rice, and 150,000 of wheat, but global production depends on just a few. That leaves us all vulnerable to the effects of extreme weather, and emerging pests and diseases.

Conserving all rice, wheat, and other crops in genebanks ensures scientists can develop improved varieties that can respond to the challenges of the present and future. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault provides a backup service for these genebanks, helping ensure our most important crops continue to support people, businesses and the planet.


The GRAPAS Conference, being held on June 13th in Cologne, Germany, is a one-day conference that specialises in flour, pasta and rice technology. The conference will also feature a variety of international speakers, including George Marriage, President of nabim.


For further information please contact:

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