Due to the worldwide COVID-19 crisis, events are postponed and cancelled all over the world. The management teams from the VICTAM Corporation and VIV worldwide also had to postpone VICTAM and Animal Health and Nutrition Asia 2020 in Bangkok to the second quarter of 2020.

As the worldwide situation is still very critical and a long way from being solved, we cannot take

the risk of organizing an event as early as July. COVID-19 is still disrupting businesses around the world and we have concluded that being present at the exhibition is, at the moment, not our client's priority.

We evaluated an alternative date in the second half of this year, but as both health and financial situations in the world by then are very unclear, we believe postponing the event to 18 – 20 of January 2022, is in the best interest of the market and the participants. This way there is more time to let the situation and business get back to normal.

This brings us to the question on how we will proceed with future events after this pandemic has been contained and life can hopefully return to normal. For now, the outlook seems cautiously positive and we expect to continue with our events as soon as the restrictions are lifted. If necessary, by then, we will implement extra safety rules to ensure all our exhibitors and visitors feel secure at one of our events.

We are also looking into alternative possibilities or other ways to offer our marketplace to our visitors and exhibitors, such as an online event, in case a longer period of restrictions is needed. When we talk about online events, we are analysing the whole spectrum from having a 100 percent virtual event to a physical event with a combination of onsite and online visitors to respect social distancing.

Despite the current situation, we believe events will start up again in their current format and we are looking forward to our future events, as the Victam Corporation has announced several partnerships in the past few months. Together with Parantez International Fairs, we have combined our success and expertise for the IDMA Exhibition. On March 18 – 21st, 2021, the two companies will organise the exhibition under its new name: IDMA AND VICTAM EMEA in Istanbul, Turkey. This will be the 9th edition of this international event for the grain, flour and feed industries.

The Victam Corporation and VIV worldwide will also continue their partnership in 2022 by organizing VICTAM International and VIV Europe together at the Jaarbeurs exhibition grounds in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from May 31 – June 2nd, 2022.

This means that the VICTAM International exhibition will move back from Cologne, Germany to its home country, the Netherlands, where it all started in 1965: the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The set-up of the exhibition is different from the set-up in Asia, as VIV Europe and VICTAM International will be co-located but with each exhibition in their own halls.

We do hope everyone stays healthy and safe and hope to greet everyone soon at one of our future events!

Sebas van den Ende, General Manager, VICTAM Corporation

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