The GRAPAS Awards run yearly, organised by Milling and Grain magazine and hosted at exhibitions held by the VICTAM Corporation. The awards are open to food processing innovations in the realm of flour, rice and pasta that were released on the market in the past two years. The GRAPAS Awards 2022 will be held in Bangkok, Thailand.

The 2019 conference saw another three winners for the GRAPAS Awards: Petkus, Bühler, and Selis, with the best innovations for flour, rice and pasta processing technologies.

The first winner was Petkus with their OptoSelector 901t, a unified system of analysis, combining the full-color RGB method and a special light transmission method based on the translucent features of the seeds. This was made possible through the use of a special lighting system, which is characterised by intensive, software controlled light source, exact focusing and perfect homogenisation of light across the entire working width of 900mm.

The second winner of 2019 was Bühler with their LumoVision, based on data-driven optical sorting technology that closely targets grains affected by Aspergillus Fungi, the cause of Aflatoxin contamination. With their new cloud-based system constantly monitoring the product flow and assessing risk, yield losses are reduced to almost zero, while the safety of the final product is assured.

Selis' Dynamic Angular Positioning System (DAPS) was the third winner for the 2019 GRAPAS Awards. The system had brought a big solution to the important problems on the smooth roll passages and fine grooved roll passages. Due to the thermal expansion on the edges of the cylindrical grounded (no cambered) smooth rolls, caused by the heat generated by the bearings of the rolls, rolls become a concave shape. By means of angular positioning of two rolls, through the milling line on the rolls, milling gap between the rolls will be equal.

The runner up was Balaguer Rolls with their Optical Fluting Test 2.0. Following the success of the first Optical Fluting Test, a device that checks roll profiles by optical vision, this second generation had been specifically designed to help millers to easily measure and check roll profiles.

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