The GRAPAS Awards run yearly, organised by Milling and Grain magazine and hosted at exhibitions held by the VICTAM Corporation. The awards are open to food processing innovations in the realm of flour, rice and pasta that were released on the market in the past two years. The GRAPAS Awards 2022 will be held in Bangkok, Thailand.

As we look back at the previous GRAPAS Award winners, we turn to 2018 where not one, but three applicants were made winners. Held March 27 in 2018, nine submissions were short-listed; two were specific products for the milling of cereals while the other seven were suitable also for wider applications in the handling of powdered and/or granular material. The three winners this year were Bühler, Geelen, and Henry Simon.

Atta Process with PesaMill from Bühler
Bühler's submission took time to perfect, to achieve the right amount of starch and water absorption, but was successful in the end. It produces higher yield and one machine can do the work more efficiently than 20 sets of millstones, saving 10 percent energy over the traditional Chakki stone mill. This process promised to substantially improve on the way that Atta flour is produced by enabling the replacement of the less efficient and hygienic traditional stones for particle size reduction

Counterflow Electrical Dryer from Geelen
The Counterflow Electrical Dryer had benefits for petfood and aquafeed applications. The costs of drying for other industries was also an increasing concern and thus if it can be applied for the drying of grain before milling it was to be a welcomed application for the Indian subcontinent and East African region. The approach of a combined counterflow cooler with a heat pump seemed to be a trend-setting, complete-product to achieve more efficient production.

Henry Simon Rollermill
The 'Henry Simon' rollermill was the submission for the 2018 GRAPAS award which applied most specifically to the milling of cereal grains in the broadest sense. Although this 'Henry Simon' rollermill followed established principles in its fundamental design, the incorporation of advanced sensors and controls raised its operating potential to a new level.

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