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The GRAPAS Awards run yearly, organised by Milling and Grain magazine and hosted at exhibitions held by the VICTAM Corporation. The awards are open to food processing innovations in the realm of flour, rice and pasta that were released on the market in the past two years.

All the way back in January 2012, the second GRAPAS Awards event was held. It took place at the BITEC Centre in Bangkok, Thailand, as part of the Victam Asia Exhibition.

The winner this time around was FOSS, for their ProFossOnline Analysis. The judging panel believed it was the product that swept the pool of innovations coming from the grain milling industry and on display at the exhibition. 'The ProFoss appears to offer a significant improvement on previous online instrumentation. Although it uses well-proven NIR technology it offers great practical and functional advantages by virtue of its ability to continuously measure parameters of cereal grains and ground products without interruption to the product flow. This true in-line capability has very great potential.'

The runner up for 2012 was Bühler AG of Switzerland with their product, the Dolomit rollermill.

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