Allan Willoughby and Ing Paul Alderliefste

The GRAPAS Awards run yearly, organised by Milling and Grain magazine and hosted at exhibitions held by the VICTAM Corporation. The awards are open to food processing innovations in the realm of flour, rice and pasta that were released on the market in the past two years.

CPM Europe/Amsterdam were the first winners of the 'Award for Milling' at the 2011 Victam exhibition in Köln, Germany. The judges chose CPM due to the 'absolute relevance to the milling industry for their 'Roll Speed Measurement'.' CPM developed and tested this pellet mill roller speed measurement in combination with its famous automatic roller adjust type Lineator to provide additional information for pelleting management which it had not seen before.

We will continue to revisit the previous winners and their technologies leading up to the next GRAPAS awards which will be held in 2022, featuring even more innovative technology.

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