Thanks to its robust design, energy-saving grinding and exemplary hygiene, Bühler's Diorit MDDY/MDDZ four or eight-roller mill is now well established on the market. Since it was first introduced, more than 1,500 Diorit roller mills have been sold and are used across the world.

A new generation of Diorit mills with a completely revised control system was introduced in autumn 2019. The extremely intuitive user interface facilitates monitoring and control of the roller mill. The latest generation Diorit MDDY-600/250 four-roller mill is now also available in a longitudinally split version.

On the MDDY-600/250/L1 model, one of the two pairs of rollers is splitted on one side, enabling three milling passages at the same time. On the MDDY-600/250/L2 model, both pairs of rollers are splitted on two sides, allowing a total of four milling passages. The 2019 generation Diorit MDDY-600/250 is thus available in three different versions, offering the flexibility to choose between two and four milling passages. The two-part design concerns the inlet, feeder and control system on the side of the roller mill that is split longitudinally. This means that the grinding properties can be controlled individually for each passage.

The MDDY-600/250 four-roller mill with rollers split longitudinally is the ideal solution for small mills and school mills that have a grinding capacity of between 24 and 60 tonnes-per-day.

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