Lallemand Animal Nutrition is pleased to introduce an innovative bacterial program to help maintain ruminant mobility: PODO CONCEPT.

PODO CONCEPT is an innovative program including a range of bacterial based products combined with patented equipment and technical recommendations to easily and efficiently help maintain the hoof health of the entire herd. Maintaining healthy hooves can help reduce the risk of health issues such as lameness.

PODO CONCEPT can be used in all ruminants, including dairy cows, beef, ovine and caprine. The concept is designed for on-farm advisers looking for more natural and complete ready-to-use solutions to help maintain cow mobility and hoof health.

'According to a scientific consensus, the sooner lameness is detected and addressed, the better the results. Today, mainly chemical liquid solutions are available, which have technical limitations, environmental concerns and future regulatory uncertainty – like the extensive use of formalin in some products, for example. Lallemand Animal Nutrition can offer a different approach to lameness based on the management of microbial ecosystems naturally present around the hoof. Our main innovation consists of dry bacterial inoculation of hoof through a specific and patented footbath. It allows ruminants to maintain hoof health and reduce the need for veterinary interventions,' says Agnès CORBIN, Technical Support Manager, Lallemand Animal Nutrition.

The bacterial program to help maintain hoof health, PODO CONCEPT, covers four steps:

  1. Global evaluation of the situation.
  2. Individual care, including a protection paste.
  3. The bacterial program itself with hoof application, dry and/or liquid bacterial solutions, complemented by bedding inoculants*.
  4. Follow-up for three months.

*Bedding inoculants (MANURE PRO or EAZY BED PRO from Lallemand Animal Nutrition) will support the efficacy of PODO CONCEPT. It will help optimise the microbial management of the environment and prevent crusted hooves.

What are the products included in PODO CONCEPT?

PODO DRY contains live beneficial bacteria selected for their capacity to colonise surfaces and to form a positive biofilm. It is formulated as a dry footbath to be used with the patented equipment, PODO LUVE, for milking ruminants.

This innovative bacterial dry footbath offers many benefits under normal conditions of use:

  • It is safe, odorless, does not freeze and is not stressful for the animals
  • It is easy-to-use and move (wheels and handles)
  • It enables producers to control the product consumption and avoid product waste thanks to the patented dry footbath design (anti-discharge grid)

A complementary liquid bacterial spray. This liquid solution of beneficial bacteria has been designed for dry cows and heifers that do not have access to the dry bacterial footbath in milking areas for example. It is provided as a powder to dilute in water and use as a liquid bacterial spray. Its adhesive formula allows the product to stick at the hoof surface. It can be used with a dye to ease the application follow up.

3. PODO PASTE (non-bacterial)
An easy-to-use topical paste for hooves with a local application before starting the program to help optimise the efficacy of the bacterial program.

For more information about Lallemand visit the website, HERE.

Image credit: StevenW. on Flickr
(CC BY-SA 2.0)

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