AB Vista has teamed up with Volac to offer dairy farmers a new service to reduce the occurrence and impact of mycotoxins. 

Mycocheck is a comprehensive service designed specifically for the analysis of mycotoxins in animal feed and bedding material, e.g. straw. The app identifies 12 mycotoxins in forage, grains, straw and livestock feeds. 

Common symptoms of mycotoxin ingestion include lower yields, rough coats, listless activity, inconsistent feed intakes, variable manure consistency and the presence of mucus tags – pieces of gut wall – in the manure.

Dr. Derek Mcllmoyle, Regional Commercial Director GB & Ireland; Technical Director Ruminants EMEA at AB Vista says, 'The threat from mycotoxin contamination of feeds and bedding is unlikely to disappear any time soon without significant interventions. Using Mycocheck to identify outbreaks and then using products such as Ultrasorb to manage the risk offers huge benefits, in terms of improved livestock health and performance.'

Robert Furmage, Analytical Manager, Volac, adds, 'The dangers of mycotoxins are well established, but identifying them early enough to be able to take action has been an issue. We're very happy to be working with AB Vista to address this gap through Mycocheck.'

The app is available HERE.

For more information about AB Vista visit the website, HERE.

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