The International Seed Health Initiative (ISHI) group gathered in Zurich, Switzerland on 12-16 September 2022 for its first annual technical meeting since February 2020. A total of 55 ISHI members from all over the world, three members of the Coordination Group Seed Health, and the Seed Health team of the ISF Secretariat participated in this ISHI technical event.

It was a unique opportunity to engage, learn and progress on the various seed health-related projects under this initiative. From drafting guidelines to perform comparative tests, as well as upgrading processes, learning, and discussing new technologies, the first day set the tone for an intense week. Further sessions allowed members to get updates from the 11 countries representing the ISHI community and from the ISF Secretariat. ISF Secretary General Michael Keller gave an insightful speech on the importance of seed health in ensuring seed movement around the world to farmers and to reach food security globally. A specific workshop gave the opportunity to brainstorm on a specific topic of interest to all members and work in a dynamic manner. Additionally, members of the international technical groups (ITGs) were able to focus on progressing and planning the work ahead on current projects. The week closed with a special presentation by Prof. Sébastien Massart, University of Liège-Belgium, on high throughput sequencing and the opportunities and challenges this technique has to offer in seed health diagnostics.

Overall, this event offered to ISHI members a valuable forum to share ideas, make decisions, and build team relationships. The group is set to meet again next year in the United States.

For more information visit the website, HERE.

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