by Wu Wenbin, Henan University of Technology, China

In December 2019, myself and Milling and Grain magazine's Roger Gilbert, Darren Parris and Tuti Tan, were lucky enough to visit Zhengzhou Homes Cereal Engineering Co, Ltd., and Zhengzhou Golden Grain Mechanical Engineering Co, Ltd. (Also known as 'GG'). The chairman of enterprise, Professor Li Dongsen was kind enough to provide some background about GG as a company and provided us with the opportunity to visit the workshop and gain an understanding of the historical development of the company, their scale of production, unique products and innovative technologies.

GG served as the foundation for Zhengzhou Grain College (which is now known as Henan University of Technology). The company has, since its establishment, been committed to providing customers with the latest in grain processing technologies, providing advanced electrical automation control equipment and tailored solutions for food industry users.

GG has a rather unique background, when compared to most companies in the sector. In the early days, GG did not specialise in equipment manufacturing, instead serving as a research institution that provided customers with technical advice and services ranging from general plant design, electrical and automation control, budget and economic evaluation as well as analysis of raw material use.

As GG began to gain traction, the demand for quality engineering solutions in the milling sector led to GG establishing Zhengzhou Homes Cereal Company, the engineering sector of the business. At the early stage of Homes Cereal Engineering Company's development, the company had been focussed on the development and improvement of engineering technology and, as a result, had gathered a variety of experienced professionals from flour mills around the country to establish a professional team.

As a leading engineering company in the industry, GG has been conducting continuous and in-depth analysis of the whole grain manufacturing industry chain and formed its own supply chain system based upon conceived demands and requirements within the sector.

Against this impressive backdrop, the company evolved to become what is now known as Golden Grain. GG can provide complete sets of wheat processing equipment, electrical automation and storage solutions, which are a result of their rich theoretical and practical experience. GG can also boast its own installation and commissioning service team which ensures turnkey projects will run smoothly from start to finish.

GG continue to invest in R&D year on year, in order to continue to supply the best solutions for their customers. One of the first R&D projects undertaken was the research and development of a new insecticide machine and flour inspection sieve for consumers. Moe recently, GG have developed an optimised water control system, electronic flow balance and wheat mixer and created a series of high-end electromechanical integration products. Innovation is at the heart of GG, and this was abundantly clear during our visit to their facilities.

In the international market, GG has customers all over the country, with more than 300 enterprise users, such as COFCO Group, Wudeli Group, Malang Imam. They consider maintaining a good relationship with these companies to be the key driver to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. In the international market, turnkey projects have been successfully implemented by GG in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, South America and Africa.

As a company that pioneer the way with new technologies, GG will continue to seek out new innovative solutions for the flour milling sector. The company expres that their current focus is firmly rooted on the pursuit of advanced technology, with the goal to provide customers with high-quality products that are easy to use and generate brilliant results every time.

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