November 2018

by Vaughn Entwistle, Manging Editor, Milling and Grain Magazine


We live in an age of increasing volatility. As I write these words, the geopolitical situation around the world is arguably more turbulent than it has been in decades.

We face threats of global proportion: mass human migration, civil wars, and conflicts both hot and cold—and all this while the population continues to soar and climate change complicates our efforts to respond to a host of challenges that follow in its wake. At times, the fate of civilisation may seem bleak.

However, as history has shown, the human race is enormously resilient and resourceful. Moreover, the very best of humanity rises to the fore when enterprising people share their knowledge and know-how across international borders to solve problems, to help humanity and to heal the planet.

Here at Perendale Publishers we are proud of the fact that Milling and Grain is international in scope and circulation, and is printed and mailed in six languages. It is actually a cost for us to do this, but we do it because we believe it is vital to share important information among all peoples and all nations. In his speech before the UN, our company"s publisher, Roger Gilbert, famously formulated the quote about our "need to feed 9.5 billion people by the year 2050." Our magazine remains committed to helping the worldwide milling industry meet this challenge.

There was recently a story in the news about the oldest bread in the world. This should remind our readers that the cultivation of wheat and the milling of that wheat into various forms of bread is one of the oldest human technologies. Our publication is the longest standing publication in the grain handling and milling sector having been continually published for 128 years. As such it has reported on everything from the earliest iterations of aspirators to the precision roller mills of today, and the earliest corn grinders to the cutting-edge optical colour sorters.

The world is and always has been contentious and beset by challenges. However, we at Perendale Publishers believe that things can always get better. It merely requires the application of knowledge and the resolve of the human will.

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