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After more than 70 years in the business, it is remarkable that there are almost no two Cimbria plants that are 100 percent alike – but what they do have in common is that they meet the individual requirements that our customers may have.

This does not mean that each machine is specially developed every time, however. An obvious comparison could be that of LEGO toys, which are recognised all over the world. A large number of different standard components can be combined and put together in countless ways to form a functional whole. And it is the same with a Cimbria plant.

Based on the industry's biggest and broadest product range, the optimum, customised solution is developed in close collaboration between us and our customers. Indeed, if there is one particular area in which we really stand firm, then it is full flexibility.

As a member of the AGCO group, Cimbria is part of the world's leading agroindustrial company, boasting brands such as Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valmet and GSI.

GSI operates in several areas with equipment and complete plants for poultry, pig-breeding and grain storage, as well as being the world's biggest producer of round steel silos.

These are now incorporated as an integral part of Cimbria's product range, with the complete product range reflecting its role as global leader. Developed and optimised over decades by the industry's most experienced experts, the complete range covers everything all the way from individual machines to finished plants, including automation, project management, installation, supervision and training, not forgetting subsequent service and continuous optimisation of the plant.

Cimbria and GSI make up the world's largest supplier of equipment, complete solutions and technologies to the industrial grain and seed business. Production of equipment takes place at more than 20 locations all over the world. This entails a sales and service presence that has global reach and enables comprehensive professional insight into the local requirements that are applicable in each individual market.

of the latest in the line of production locations is found in Biatorbagy, an industrial estate outside Budapest in Hungary. In 2014 the first part of the factory was opened, before being extended in 2017 so that it now covers more than 25,000 m2. It is at this facility that silos for the markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa are now produced.

Along with a conscious choice of leading sub-suppliers of, for example, steel and bolts, a new and high-tech production facility ensures the highest quality and uniformity in the physical product.

However, when it comes to a product such as silos, correct design and configuration are just as important. Local conditions have to be taken into account, whether this involves the impact of wind, snow, earthquakes or similar. Such calculations are extremely complex – and at GSI are performed in a uniquely developed software application called HiStruct.

HiStruct performs complete optimisation, calculation and design of each individual silo and steel structure and automatically prepares configuration and production drawings, calculation reports, material lists, FEM analyses, as well as generating the 3D models that are used in complete layout drawings.

With the use of the latest technologies and production equipment at all locations, Cimbria and GSI will continue to be well equipped in the future to deliver high-quality products to their global customers.

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