by Stefano Mazzini, Commercial Director, Ocrim S.p.A.


I thank Milling and Grain for giving me the chance to talk about some of our future projects that are especially intended for our customers, but also designed to enhance the economy of our territory.
I refer, first of all, to the Milling Hub, a joint-stock company aimed at the construction and management of various milling plants at the Ocrim headquarters of the Cremona canal port area, conceived together with Bonifiche Ferraresi, our partner since 2015.
It is a unique grinding centre, one of a kind. It combines the know-how of Ocrim, which has an international seal of excellence in the production of milling plants, and that of Bonifiche Ferraresi, the largest and most advanced agro-industrial group in Italy. 
The purpose of the Milling Hub is to strengthen the Italian food supply chain, giving the possibility to the food industries, without their own milling plant, to have a customised milling plant and all the technical and technological skills of the Ocrim team.
They will be guaranteed a product (the flour) that is reliably traced and certified, thanks to  careful control of the food chain via use of The Italian Agri-Food Chain Choice, of which Ocrim was the founder, along with Bonifiche Ferraresi and other important Italian companies.
Along with this, we have conceived another valuable project: the 'Milling Hub Masterclass' training centre, aimed at providing a new vision as part of Ocrim training.  For us, the formative aspect of this is one of the fundamental elements for professional affirmation. Without adequate training, in any field we would go to work, we would behave like androids, machines that perform the same action mechanically and repeatedly, without understanding their meaning and useful purpose.
Without training, we would not be able to customise and, therefore, make our work contribution unique and special. Every year we host students from all over the world, destined to become expert millers or technicians. Our company is equipped with a school mill and a well-equipped laboratory in the historic site of Cremona and also organizes ad hoc courses at the customer's facilities, to train their staff on site.
However, in light of the increasing number of requests from people with already well-defined skills, we have designed the Milling Hub also as a real plant / school and as a structure able to guarantee an even more complete and qualified training course than the one offered up to now. In fact, only skilled technicians will have access to the masterclass, already with a well-defined experience and it will be available limited numbers, in order to guarantee the high-training profile. This 360° cutting-edge training focuses on comprehensive knowledge of seed production, up to the marketing of the finished products, passing through the cereal and legume processing.
I would like to conclude by talking to you about another innovation that we are going to present in a concrete way to our customers and about which Maurizio Galbignani, Ocrim's General Manager, has already spoken in the last edition of "Wheat, flour and…".
I'm talking about the O-Cloud system, a centralised virtual software that acts through the sharing of customers' information. It will allow each individual customer to optimise their production process and plan maintenance operations in advance, increasing the level of automation of the plant and ensuring rapid management of technical needs. A unique and complete product, O-Cloud, which embodies the company's intention to invest in research to obtain products intended to be an operational part of each client's core business.
All the investments I have just told you about, together with others, are aimed at offering services to our customers who nowadays look beyond the border of the 'only' milling plant, since they understand that real business is the result of a complete 360° supply chain

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