Hamlet Protein, multinational producer of soy-based protein ingredients for young animals participated in leading industry events in China. The events saw strong attendance from nutritionists and veterinarians, alongside university representatives, and provided excellent opportunities to discuss the latest developments in young animal nutrition.

China is a major pork producer and importer at the same time. On the production side, the market has seen increasing consolidation. Companies that have invested in biosecurity, farm management and risk management have taken a larger share of the market.

Pork import surged in 2020/2021, following ASF outbreaks. Pork imports are expected to stabilise in coming years, with Spain, Brazil, Denmark, US, and Canada being the main suppliers.

The Feed Industry Innovation Forum 2022 was held in Beijing and the Integrated Precision Feeding Technology of Sows and Litters Summit was held in Wuhan.

Dr. Yu Feng, Regional Director APAC of Hamlet Protein, comments, 'These conferences allow us to share knowledge and insights from our global organization with Chinese producers. Through information exchange we can learn from each other and jointly improve our nutritional solutions, particularly on how investing in young animal nutrition can drive profitability,' comments Dr. Yu Feng, Regional Director APAC.

Hamlet Protein produces soy-based protein ingredients for young piglets, poultry, and cattle feed at two production plants in Denmark and the US. Hamlet Protein services customers around the world through a network of own sales offices and distributors.

For more information visit the Hamlet Protein website, HERE.

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