Experts in material handling and conveying, Guttridge supply a variety of solutions to the raw materials market, ranging from conveyors, bucket elevators, dischargers, bins and various forms of ancillary equipment such as slide vales, diverters and spouting. The ability to effectively transport bulk materials is vital for every facility and Guttridge are specialists when it comes to these solutions. Guttridge are experienced with handling a wide variety of materials, ranging from feed and grain to soybeans and other raw materials.

Guttridge solutions are produced primarily from mild steel and stainless steel, to ensure a quality finish that is corrosion-resistant, strong and durable. Their bespoke designs also emphasis minimal risk of contamination and each solution can be customised to suit each and every individual customer requirement.

Guttridge was founded in 1962, following the design of the Animal Feed Mill by founder Dr David Guttridge. By 1970, over 90 Guttridge Mobile Feed Mills were operating in the UK and Guttridge were growing increasingly popular. Nineteen years later, in 1989, the company expanded further into the conveying industry, producing their first stainless steel conveyors and elevator systems. This subsequently helped Guttridge gain momentum and presence in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the food and feed sectors.

Last year, Guttridge were acquired by Mitchells Group. With offices spread internationally across Singapore, China and Europe, the company continues to expand and deliver quality bespoke companies to customers on a global scale.

In terms of feed processing, Guttridge offer a variety of solutions such as chain, roller belt and screw conveyors, dischargers, feeders, bins, hoppers and elevators. Their solutions are uniquely optimised to prevent product build-up and to ensue efficient feed processing and production.

'It's an area that fits well in our portfolio' notes Sales Director Peter Lambert. 'Not only do we understand the needs of the companies we supply, but we also bring out experience of other high-cleanliness environments such as the general food sector and the pharmaceuticals industry.'

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