by Felix Tometten, Research and Development: Animal Nutrition, Amandus Kahl GmbH, Germany


We are going through uncertain and insecure times right now. While we soldier on during the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have been forced to slow down and adjust their working routines in order to accommodate the changes they are facing. The health of workers is a top priority, as should quite rightly be the case; and thus many companies have to resort to having employees work from home or taking on tasks in other, unique and unforeseen ways.

At Amandus Kahl, we have been incredibly lucky, however, that we are able to continue working just as efficiently as before. Our teams continue to produce innovative solutions ensuring sustainability and top quality in the feed industry. We can proudly say that we at Kahl are still producing brilliant solutions that we cannot wait to present to our customers.

One of these solutions is the Kahl crown expander, which expands compound feed or individual components. This allows expanded products to be produced for all animal species.

The aim of the engineers at Amandus Kahl was to design a new expander based on the internationally renowned Kahl annular gap expander, equipped with a shaping device at the outlet as well as a cutting device. An important component of the annular gap expander also remains unchanged in the crown expander: The specific mechanical energy input (SME) can be adjusted by means of the moving cone, which is moved into the crown tool by a hydraulic piston. The pressure is approximately 40 bar; the operating temperatures at the expander outlet are between 90 and 160°C. When the product leaves the tool, there is an abrupt drop in pressure, the product expands and some of the water evaporates. With the help of the variable knife drive or different crown shapes, it is possible to influence the structure of the expanded product.

The SME control with hydraulically adjustable cone ensures a significant improvement of the flexibility of expansion. Contrary to traditional pelleting, coarse particles remain coarse with the Kahl crown expander. The thick-walled mixing tube is equipped with replaceable liners and a cantilevered shaft provided with proportioning, mixing and kneading elements. Existing Kahl annular gap expanders can easily be modified to crown expanders. The treatment of grain components under pressure at a high temperature and moisture content modifies starch. Pathogenic germs, such as salmonellae or moulds, are eliminated by the treatment in the crown expander. Expanded mixtures increase the press capacity.

We at Amandus Kahl have designed and manufactured expanders for several decades and have a high level of expertise in this process technology. Based in Germany, we manufacture machines, individual parts, spare and wear parts exclusively in Germany. Visit our website for more information and an overview of the Kahl machine repertoire.

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