GoodMills, Europe's largest milling company, announces a new collaboration with Equinom, the plant tech company that creates new seed varieties using patented AI-driven breeding technology.

Equinom creates superior seeds naturally by crossbreeding exotic, ancient and modern varieties. Utilising its seed bank, Equinom employs computer-based breeding and traditional genomic technologies to predict and simulate new varieties.

Equinom reports it will research how best to crossbreed Yellow Pea seeds to achieve a tailored raw material with outstanding sensory properties: the ingredients derived from it are expected to be without off-flavours and provide ideal protein composition for an outstanding texture in finished products such as meat and dairy alternatives as well as pasta.

'In Equinom, we've found a partner with whom we can get to the heart of this challenge – by creating our own perfect raw material," says Michael Gusko, Global Innovation Director at GoodMills – GoodMills Group's innovation task force.

"As the two leading innovators in our fields, we're always looking for inventive yet natural solutions, and we share the same passion: creating a sustainable, plant-based future.'

'Our aim is to drive the global creation of truly healthy, appealing and sustainable non-GMO foods which are affordable to the masses," says Rick Mignella, EVP & Managing Director, North America at Equinom.

"We are always happy to partner with passionate companies who are doing their bit to help future-proof the planet through plant-based innovations. 

"We are confident that we'll soon enable GoodMills to serve the market with a novel Yellow Pea-based ingredient that will make sustainable and delicious plant-based food more widely accessible.'

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