Over the past three months, the Milling and Grain team and Progressus Agrischools have been very proud to host 11 sessions of the Online Milling School, a learning experience catered to members of the feed production sector. The Online Milling School takes attendees through each key process in the feed production chain, ranging from grinding, extrusion, plant construction and quality assurance, to name but a few. The webinar series provides essential information for users to optimise their processing and plant management systems and has been a great success, with attendees joining the webinars from across the globe week after week. Speakers have included experts from Yenar, Amandus Kahl, Bühler and Famsun.

On September 30th, the twelfth session of the Online Milling School will take place, specialising in Design and Construction. Although this twelfth session will mark the completion of our first series of webinars, the Online Milling School will continue to provide many more offerings for the milling industry, ranging from new courses, reruns and other opportunities for processing solution companies and feed industry members to get involved.

Providing the industry with easily accessible and engaging information in an easily digestible format, the Online Milling School is the perfect opportunity for attendees to enhance their pre-existing knowledge in feed production and processing. We aim not to serve as a competitor to other training courses, but as an additional enhancement for those who wish to learn more about the intricacies of feed milling.

To find out more and join the Online Milling School's twelfth session, visit myMAG.info/e/886.

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