July was an especially busy month for the Milling and Grain team, as many of our exciting projects came to fruition. On July 8-9th, we hosted our first ever online rendition of the Aqua Feed Extrusion Conference, an event that we typically hold at VIV Asia on a yearly basis.

The event, co-organised by Milling and Grain, VNU Exhibitions and Dr Mian Riaz of Texas A&M University featured ten expert speakers from companies such as Andritz, Clextral, Famsun, CPS, Reynolds Engineering and more, each providing an in-depth analysis of various stages of the extrusion process as well as aqua feed production in general. Topics ranged from managing nutritional wastes to the benefits of both single-screw and twin-screw extrusion and operational excellence in running your feed production facility. Our detailed conference report can be read later in this issue.

With the continuing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, it is clear that digital events are gaining significant popularity, and possibly will even be here to stay once normal exhibitions and conferences are able to resume.

We also hosted the very first rendition of the Online Milling School, a joint venture between ourselves and Progressus Agrischools. The Online Milling School, which we now host under the umbrella name Credo, is a set of weekly e-learning experiences for industry members wanting to learn more about each individual stage of the feed milling process.

Our first online event specialised in efficient grinding and featured expert speakers Finn Jensen, a consultant who has worked with a variety of feed companies in the past such as Andritz, as well as Malcolm Gresswell, who has over 46 years of experience in the food processing field. The event was also moderated by Jon Ratcliff of Agentis Innovations, as well as Yiannis Christodoulou, Director of Progressus and Roger Gilbert, Publisher of Milling and Grain.

The Online Milling School will run on a weekly basis and features a wide variety of topics. Week three on July 29th will cover 'Batching Operations', week four on August 5th will explore 'Steam and Conditioning', week five on August 12th is concerned with 'Mixing Operations', and these continue through until the end of September.

Each course is only US $30, or you can gain complete access to the full list of webinars for $330. To find out more please visit mymag.info/e/875

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