One particular innovation that many industries have witnessed as a result of COVID-19 is the implementation of virtual webinars and conferences. As the world has embraced social distancing measures to minimise the spread of COVID-19, exhibitions have unfortunately been forced to postpone until the global situation improves. Until that time, many companies have decided to embrace this challenge and host their own virtual exhibitions to showcase their new solutions.

In this issue of Milling and Grain, one webinar we examine at length is Bühler's Virtual World Tour, which took place in mid-May but, due to popular demand, has continued to run throughout the entirety of the month. Bühler Virtual World was a massive project that was created as a space for customers and industry members to discover more about Bühler's solutions from the comfort of their own home. The Virtual World had an amazing scope, with presentations, interactive software and networking opportunities readily available for members of the food and feed supply chain.

Other companies are also embracing the internet as a means to showcase their new solutions, with Alltech ONE also taking place in May, as well as various other exhibitions announcing that they will provide online networking sessions and presentations for clients. The Milling and Grain team have been very impressed by the digital offerings members of the industry have to offer and wonder if, perhaps, in the future these online webinars will become much more widely implemented?

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