Milling and Grain's May issue features a COVID-19 special, wherein we take a look at how the infamous virus is affecting the food and feed industries throughout the world. Speaking to milling organisations, factory managers and machine processing companies from all walks of life, we are happy to say that the food and feed industries are still confident in their abilities to keep producing their quality products despite the threat of coronavirus.

As China begins to recover from the virus and people return to their jobs, companies such as Famsun are receiving record-breaking levels of sales and organisations such as COFCO note that they are able to help the industry recover by distributing masks and various forms of personal protective equipment.

Other companies around the world also aren't letting the virus impact their business and are continuing to produce quality solutions and export internationally. Food and feed production companies are implementing additional health measures to ensure their produce is sanitary and safe for clients. Farmers still need access to solutions for their harvested materials and so storage companies continue to work hard to produce their silos and grain bins.

Whilst COVID-19 is certainly proving to be a big threat to the world, the food and feed industries are clearly continuing to grow and conduct their work to ensure that everyone has access to the quality food they need.

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